summer EP


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released June 3, 2012



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ROYA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this is it

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Track Name: sleeping science
hold onto yourself
i thought one day we'd break out of our cells
hasn't this always been a little fucked up experiment for love?
or whatever it is you want
let's write off all our debts
you wiped my cheeks while i wept
haven't you always said i'd be a fool to have gone and left this time?
with our hearts on the line
Track Name: milk & honey
your son belongs in your arms it seems

he grows taller than these trees

that cut this sun

stretching rays along the streams

from your eyes i saw the crumble of our seams

and there it is…the wimper of a cold and distant dream

wrapped tightly in a blanket you have sent it out to sea

bury it, bury me

i grew fond of you
Track Name: self-help
sometimes i wish you'd come over when there is nothing to do
i'm always excited
i'm always excited to see you
but it might be time to reevaluate my life if i'm still writing songs for you
and it might be my turn to say that this is not alright if i'm still in love with you