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Kaitlin Brack
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Kaitlin Brack So so pretty. Perfect music to unwind to. Favorite track: recycled advice.
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collection of demos and b-sides recorded between 2011-2013, some of which have been released on scattered forms of social media. some might be reworked and put on future releases, others will stay trapped in musical purgatory forever


released December 19, 2013

enjoy my shortcomngs



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ROYA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: recycled advice
the sunlight in my room is much like you, it never reaches it's full potential. it could shine so bright that it'd burn right through the glass between us. we are just as happy as we make ourselves out to be, but you know, "the more you get the less you are".
Track Name: ancient aliens
i don't believe in god, i believe in what i see with my eyes but often i am incorrect in my judgement because my contact prescription is out of date. and i struggle with the everyday of staying the same. i don't believe in god, i think i've counted every star in the sky and this tells me that i'm not alone but in the lonliest of ways. and i see a glowing face that calls my name and it says "everything will be okay". sometimes i hope the face is here to stay so i could wake up and feel like i didn't have to lie just to get away.
Track Name: kississippi
swallow it down, i'm thinking of something i can't say out loud. i've just been wondering why you're in my dreams, leaving me hopeless. it's terrible, i just don't know what this means. there's no room for a doubt that what i've been feeling just isn't allowed, but it's not all that different since i'm still alone and you're still out drinking. you're terrible but i just can't let you go. tell me the truth about what you do when you think i am sleeping. tell me the truth about why i still feel alone when i'm talking to you. tell me the truth about what you do when you think i don't know. just tell me when it's time to go home.
Track Name: a book in a month
we let this story go on even though we both know that it's wrong to treat each other like we do, to ignore how bad that we feel, and to take a little more than we use. i'd be lying if i said i didn't think about what it'd be like to be sad over someone that isn't you, to not feel the rush of blood to my head every time i hear your name. i am broken up. i am breaking up. bleeding from my head in attempt to grab your attention but the sentiment is already dead.
Track Name: sapling
imagine i was 10 feet tall, then you'd all be staring at me like the monster that i am. i can hide behind so many people, as many as i find. i want you to know that i think of you often, but i cannot love you
Track Name: counting sheep
roads spill out from my heart, veins stretch blood from my arms to where you are. tired of stories where the ones that we love rest comfortably and terribly above us. you're out of reach and i am counting sheep. i'm tossing in my sheets, i'm always losing sleep. and i can't breathe because you're smiling in my dreams and i'm hiding underneath, i can't seem to breaks free from this love that breaks me and tears me apart.
Track Name: deja
i heard you'd come, but i didn;t know what to say. a box of your things i couldn't throw away. a hollow body and a heart that won't steer clear of what i want
Track Name: shitty song #1
i hate your eyes, i hate your skin, i hate the way you always seem to make me into a nervous wreck. i hate your smile, and how you think you are so "punk", but i've come to terms with the fact you only want me when you're drunk. this rests in my hands, i am not happy so i sulk. i am the queen of pity parties and i'm never good enough. you are not mine you are not mine you are not mine
Track Name: memories
i saw the best of you get stuck between the concrete blocks of where you lived and where you died. i saw the rise and then the fall, the footsteps that always seem to call to me when i was losing sleep. and it's a shame the way we treat the ones we love. i know i could have called, but i'd rather not feel at all. i'll drown it out.